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How to Stop Annoying Your Customers

Successful marketing strategies are designed to create and curate valuable content in order to draw in your customer – not annoy them.
Regardless of the potential value your business can offer your customer, if you annoy them, they are unlikely to convert. Conversely, when you consistently deliver valuable information, you will be rewarded with their business and loyalty.

What makes good content?

Understanding the art of communicating with your customer is the key to a successful content marketing strategy. There is an influx of information available across the Internet and social media; therefore, it is imperative that your content be remembered for all of the right reasons. The following tips will help make a positive, lasting impression on your audience.
Understand your customer. Create content that is both informative and helpful to your customer. Include tips and advice when trying to solve their problems instead of focusing on the hard sell.
Be a trusted advisor. Sharing content from a variety of sources allows you to engage with your customers and show them that you are interested in offering resources to solve their problems.
Maintain consistency. Your message, from tone to approach and everything in between, should remain consistent. Customers will become frustrated with unpredictable content.
Stay relevant. Keeping current on the latest industry updates is crucial to offering customers relevant content. Don’t risk losing a potential customer by presenting outdated facts.

Is your content annoying?

If you understand what makes content so annoying to your customer, it can be prevented. While there are no definitive answers as to what particular content is bothersome, there are some common culprits.
Inability to leave the site. Casual visitors to a site that are not fully committed to buy will become immediately frustrated with extra sales pitches prior to leaving the site.
Outdated websites. As we become more mobile, outdated websites that do not have a responsive design are detrimental to a business. Customers demand the ability to move from mobile to desktop with ease and little frustration.
Auto-play sounds. Customers have the ability to access content from a variety of devices and locations. Sometimes, those locations are in public areas or quiet workspaces. Immediately loading sound to your website without your customer’s permission will be an automatic exit from your site.
Lack of communication. Social media is meant to be social. Don’t use your platforms to simply talk about how great your business is with little to no response to your customer’s comments. Be sure to offer a variety of perspectives and respond to the negative feedback you may receive.
Creating and presenting content to your customer in the most appropriate manner is the key to a successful marketing strategy. Take a critical look at the content you are presenting and decide if it is annoying or spot-on. Following these tips will help you open the lines of communication with your customer and maintain their loyalty.
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