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A Day In The Life Of MJ2

Excavator working and moving earth in construction site highway road in construction

As a boutique digital and social marketing agency, whose clients range from a manufacturer of firefighting gear, to a Catholic Vocations office, to a promotional marketing specialist, you know that every day is going to hold something new – and today was no exception.
For the past few months we have had the privilege of working with the Medicare specialists at  Seniority Benefit Group (SBG), and currently we are working on their website redesign. As most would expect, a crucial part of the design of a website is the images. With that in mind, our team made the trek across the river from our offices in Historic Dublin, through the newly finished 161/Riverside roundabout, past the construction crews, to the SBG offices.
After trimming a few trees and wrangling up the SBG staffers,  fellow creative professional and photographer, Anne Ciotola got the photo shoot underway while we began our video shoot. We had a great time coordinating with the wonderful team at SBG to ensure that their story would be expertly captured on photo and video. Stay tuned to the MJ2 blog when we reveal the completed SBG website.  In the meantime here are a few candids from yesterday.
Image of the SBG photo shoot