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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

social media mistakes

Social media marketing can be a huge boost for any brand, if done right. Avoid plundering into the social media black hole by avoiding these common mistakes:

  1. Lack of original content. Having original content is key for gaining jurisdiction, not only on your specific platform, but also in your field. Showcasing your knowledge and expertise will establish you as a thought leader and someone to follow. However, a mixture of original and shared content will keep your platform balanced, relevant and infused with timely material.
  1. Not having a personal interaction with your fans. Social media is just that, social. The attraction of this medium is that people can interact, converse, like, share and comment on topics flowing through their newsfeed. Many businesses forget to interact, missing out on opportunities to engage with customers, followers and prospects. Don’t let the barrier of the screen keep you from treating them as if they were right in front of you.
  1. Promotion overboard. Social media is all about being real and people are drawn to authentic brands and posts. Visitors who are constantly being served with ads and promotions will soon tire of your brand and potentially unfollow or unlike your brand. Promotions are great once in a while, but going overboard can seriously damage your genuineness. Just keep it real.
  1. Not having a plan. Behind every successful social media campaign is a well-developed strategy and plan. Having a robust content blueprint that has been built around your brand’s identity and messaging strategy will be the difference between a thriving platform and a flop. Creating a platform is easy, but maintaining it and pushing out meaningful content is a whole other story. Strategy and planning make the difference.
  1. Hiring the wrong social media managers. Putting the right people in charge of your social media efforts is critical. Many people can claim they know how to manage your platforms, but few are true content management specialists. With social media now credited for 1/3 of all referral traffic, your managers must be experienced, trained and supervised before taking over your platforms. Think of these managers as the online face of your company. They are the front line.