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Still Out Living It After Cancer

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National Cancer Survivor Day is celebrated the first Sunday in June to demonstrate that life after cancer can be a reality. Programs across the nation empower and enrich the lives of cancer survivors by showing just how powerful a strong will can be.

Programs like First Descents, who provided me the opportunity to learn how to surf while connecting with other young cancer survivors, recognizes the impact the “out living it” lifestyle has not only on survivors, but also their caregivers. This past month, my husband was given the opportunity to spend a week learning how to white water kayak in the Great Smokey Mountains with a group of caregivers, aka “FD Rocks.”

This year marks the 29th celebration of National Cancer Survivors Day. Take the time to join thousands of people in hundreds of communities to honor cancer survivors. Life after a cancer diagnosis can be rewarding, inspiring, and even a little adventurous.