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Hashtags 101

What is a hashtag?
A hashtag is a word or phrase preceded by the pound sign (#) that is used to identify messages, images or videos on a specific topic. Hashtags are typically used in social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Once a hashtag is used, it turns that word or phrase into a searchable link within that platform. This allows you to organize content and track discussion topics based on those keywords.
How do I use one?
To create a hashtag, simply type the pound sign and immediately type a word or phrase after it. This can be done both in the middle of sentence or after a sentence is complete. Here are some examples:
Example 1
Thanks to Kelly for hosting my #babyshower today!
Example 2
I had a great time at my baby shower. Thanks Kelly! #momtobe #babycomingsoon
In both examples shown, that particular post is now searchable under the hashtags used. You would be able to go to Twitter and type in “#momtobe” in the search bar, and the post in Example 2 would show up in the search results.
How can hashtags help build a brand?
Using hashtags correctly can help get your brand the added exposure that it needs to grow organically.
Hashtags at events
When attending an event, make sure to find out the official event hashtag(s). This hashtag will most likely be used by the event host, partners and other attendees. Using the hashtag to place your posts into that same searchable category can help you get exposure at the event and make connections.
When hosting an event, your company or brand will want to come up with a unique hashtag for the event. For example: #MJ2SpringFest16 – this hashtag will be used in every post related to the event. Leading up to the event, you will want to start using the hashtag to encourage others to use it and follow along to keep updated on the event. Add the event hashtag on your cover photos and branded panels to make followers aware and help promote it.
Hashtags in marketing content
Other than events, a company or brand will want to use hashtags within their posting strategy on certain social media platforms. This allows your content and/or brand to gain exposure through public searchable links and also can help community managers search for relevant material.
Hashtags are best used in Instagram (8-30 tags per post), Twitter (2-3 tags per tweet) and sparingly in Facebook (1-2 tags per post). Hashtags are not recommended for LinkedIn.
We hope you found this information useful. Thanks for stopping by to learn more about hashtags. #learnedsomethingnewtoday