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Our Favorite April Fools Day Pranks

April Fools Day.  Some people despise it, and some love it.  MJ2 falls in the latter category.  We’re not sure why we take pleasure in what some may call a deceitful and manipulative holiday, all we know is it makes us giggle.

The April Fools Day pranks on social media can be especially enjoyable with the speed in which pranks go viral. Office pranks are also one of our favorites, especially when they’re done by one of our clients.  We’ve seen a lot of good fooling, so here are our top 5 picks.

  1. The voice activated copier – Employees at a local business added a sign to the company copy machine explaining it was a new voice activated copier.  Frustrated team members were heard shouting at the copier all day. “10 color copies!” “25 Black and White!”
  2. Hide a repetitive annoying recording in the office. – This one won’t win many friends but it’s definitely memorable.
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  3. Google Maps Transforms Into Pacman Game – Google enabled a secret feature that transforms your local city’s streets into a Pacman game.


  1. Adding the nCage Google Chrome Extension – This Google Chrome extension changes every web image to an image of Nicolas Cage.
  2. CEO of Borror Properties Works The Drive Thru – This one is near and dear to our hearts.  In 2015 Borror CEO, Doug Borror, took to the drive-thru window at White Castle, posting images on his social media platform of his “new job flipping burgers”.

Obviously we are partial to the jokesters at Borror, but they are some funny people over there.  We’re looking forward to seeing what happens on April Fools Day 2016.  Stay tuned.