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Add a Video Slideshow to Your Facebook Page

Experts predict that by 2017, 69% of consumer traffic will be video.
Facebook now allows you to easily create a slideshow of 3-7 images on your timeline and add a little movement to your feed.


Step One – Collect your 3-7 images. Make sure they don’t have a lot of text since each one will only be viewable for 2 seconds.
Step Two – Login to Facebook and go to your page.
Step Three – Click the Photo/Video option in your status bar. Then select Create Slideshow.
Step Four – Select the 3-7 images from your computer. The images will load and you can change the order by clicking on them and dragging them.
Step Five – Click above the pictures and add some copy to go along with them.
Step Six – Publish the post or schedule it for a later time.


Fire-Dex Slideshow