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MJ2 Helps the City of Dublin Tune up Their Social

In our ever-changing industry, it is crucial that we stay current. It is our job to predict, research and strategize for our clients to solidify their presence within their respected vertical. However, we also prioritize empowering the client with up-to-date information that they can then use to move their business forward. The private sector is easy to mobilize around social techniques and the public sector is no different. However, the personal “brand you” is even more critical on public-facing pages due to the nature of a public official.
We recently held another training session on social media for The City of Dublin employees to inform them on ways they can use social media to their advantage.
Our training sessions were split into two parts: one course for beginners and another for advanced users. We not only provided an overview of multiple networks, but also delved into strategic posting and messaging.
It is not only necessary that we stay on-trend, but that we empower our clients to do the same. For more information on what’s trending, read about the marketing trend we are predicting to be huge in 2016. Also, check out our previous work with The City of Dublin.