#WorldKindnessDay | MJ2 Marketing



This past Friday opened up at MJ2 Marketing like any other day.
It was a nice surprise to see all of the brands and people posting on social networking sites about World Kindness Day. We had lots planned on behalf of our clients’ networks as well. World Kindness Day is a day that began with an international observance clear back in 1998 as a coalition and observed in many countries as a day “that encourages individuals to overlook boundaries, race and religion.” An oxymoron, of sorts, with what transpired.
Then everything changed. “60 people killed” showed up in our feeds early Friday evening, which quickly escalated to twice that number of casualties.
World Kindness Day ended in the atrocities of terrorism on the beloved city of Paris.
Facebook had created Safety Check for Paris for this disaster. If you were on the social network that evening you may have seen this graphic when a friend of yours in Paris, France checked in.
As more sad news broke about the casualties, Parisians turned to Twitter and offered to open their homes as shelter using #PorteOuverte. Others were opening up their homes to passers by to get them in off the streets. Parisian taxi drivers shut off their meters to provide safe rides home to people who were stranded because the metro was closed.
This is a day Paris will call “their 911.” Haunting similarities to what happened on our soil not so long ago.
Our MJ2 team, “24/7, around the clock support” realized that we had to make immediate changes on behalf of our clients. Ads were stopped. Scheduled posts were adjusted. Our entire team jumped on a group message and within minutes, were able to troubleshoot and identify those networks that were “at risk,” and what the risk remediation plans would be. It went as smoothly as we had practiced. A super special salute to our team members who jumped in and spent the extra time to anticipate, and take action.
There will be more World Kindness Days. We are sure of it.