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Real-Life Proof of How Contests Can Boost Exposure

Contests and promotions are an important part of any social campaign. On average, new campaigns bring a 34 percent increase in new Facebook fans. The statistics show that contest, promotions and gamification can boost overall engagement between an audience and their brand.
For the past four years, MJ2 has held numerous contests across many of our accounts. By far, the most successful has been with our award-winning Fire-Dex account.
Past Promotions
When we began running promotions for Fire-Dex in May 2011, the company had roughly 400 Facebook fans. Each Friday we gave away a fire hood advertising solely through a single Facebook event averaging 20 entries. In comparison, when we ran a monthly giveaway for fire-protective boots this past year, each month would average 700 entries.
The differentiator was obvious: when social marketing campaigns are combined with a robust email marketing campaign, brands are able to reach a larger target audience.
In The Present
The teaser, or surprise element this year within the community’s campaign is “change.” This is not the same promotion as the original 12 Days of Fire-Dex but a pivot to an earlier promotion that highlights the season of “giving thanks.” It’s their way of showing their audience how much they have appreciated their support throughout the year while engaging with followers across all social media platforms.
This contest will allow for one key component of digital marketing in today’s world – user-generated content. UGC brings customer testimonials to life and allows consumers to speak on behalf of the brand. With strategic hashtags surrounding the event and top-notch creative, contests can provide plenty of natural content for the brand.
This Just In…
Success abounds with meticulous planning and execution. Our team methodically shared, engaged, crowdsourced and advertised our way to our largest contest to date, due to the combination of social media marketing and email marketing implementation.