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Video Marketing Strategy: From Mobile to Social

As Marketing’s hottest trend in 2015, video is paving a new path in 2016. Statistics show that 59 percent of business executives prefer to watch video content over reading static text. This trend will only increase as experts predict that 69 percent of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2017. Video will no longer be considered “bonus” content, it will be an integral part of your content marketing strategy.
Your Website
With the re-launch of our MJ2 website, it was important that we “practice what we preach” and implement video on our home page. We enlisted the help of the Clay Media Group team, and spent a day shooting a video that encapsulates what differentiates MJ2 from other agencies.
“We are a visual society – we want to see things. If companies can do something in a creative way, it’s more likely viewers will remember it. I want what they see to hit their right side of their brain.” – Josh Fronduti, Owner + Director of Clay Media Group.
View the final product here.
You can also use video to showcase your company’s team, products and/or services through demonstrations and presentations. It’s important to offer viewers and potential customers a key takeaway lesson or piece of knowledge.
Your Mobile
Mobile videos are convenient and useful for movement on social media. They are ideal for behind-the-scenes video and quick snapshots of information for viewers. However, when it comes to professional grade video, they lack the capability of producing high definition promotional videos. Polished, professional videos provide the user with an HD experience that cannot be compared to videos shot on mobile devices. Each have a time and place so be sure to use the correct level of professionalism when necessary.
Your Social
Social media is the easiest platform to show what you know about video. Twitter, Facebook Vine and Instagram have embraced video content and integrated cross-sharing from one platform to the other. You don’t need a professional studio, equipment and lighting to shoot a quick 5-20 second video and upload it to social media. Most mobile phones also allow you to clip certain sections of your video straight from the “photos” app.


Take your marketing strategy from a basic brand message to a memorable video experience. Not only is it overdue in our ever changing and developing industry, it’s vital to keeping your content fresh and focused. Keep in mind that Vines, Flipagrams and Instagram videos are also key outlets for video footage your brand can utilize now.
If you are still unsure about what type of video to start with, here’s where to start.