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The MJ2 Story Behind #RunDublin

MJ2 Marketing enjoys every opportunity to work with the City of Dublin, Ohio. Not too long ago, the City of Dublin tasked MJ2 Marketing to bring awareness to the Facebook page. MJ2 Marketing increased the City’s page likes by 66 percent and drove the City’s website hits to over 4,000 visits in just 10 weeks. We took the survey results and branded a visually enhanced “I Rock Dublin” campaign, encouraging residents to share why they love living or working in the city. “I Rock Dublin” quickly became viral.Rock Dublin
This year, with Dublin having over 100 miles running trails and 60 parks, the challenge was on to formulate another viral campaign.
Many Dublin, Ohio residents are active on the many trails, parks and paths here. The city wanted to showcase this activity and there couldn’t have been a more opportune time than the Emerald City Half Marathon this August – especially with the City of Dublin’s own Sandra Puscarcik serving as the Director of Community Relations.
And so, #RunDublin was born. The hashtag quickly gained traction with over 400 posts on Instagram.
We hope that people will take advantage of our great weather and #RunDublin. Who knows…maybe we will soon have a #bikeDublin, too!