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Live Stream Your Way To A Better Business Strategy

Periscope, the live video streaming app that Twitter purchased in March, can be likened to Instagram for live video streaming. It offers user the unique opportunity to see the world through the eyes of someone else. Users have the ability to share their stories and perspectives, adding value to their viewers through an entertaining and informative platform. Are you ready to tell your brand’s story? Here are few tips on how to use Periscope to build your brand.

Insider Videos

Give your audience an exclusive sneak peek into your brand. Offer a tour through the office or share a live video of how your product is made.

Live Q&A Sessions

Invite your followers to a live Q&A session, allowing them to submit questions during a live broadcast. Build credibility with your audience and showcase your industry knowledge on the spot.

Live Support

If there is a common comment or help ticket that can be difficult to explain over the phone or through email, live stream the support to your audience and resolve multiple customer issues in one video.

Announce Flash Sales

Reward your followers for engaging with your brand with an exclusive viewer-only voucher code for flash sales.

Live Focus Groups

Your customer’s opinion matters to the success of your business. Capture their thoughts on anything from a your new logo to a new product and use that insight to plan your next marketing campaign.

Follow Your Customer

Periscope is a two-way platform. Network with your customers and potential customers by following them and discovering what inspires them. Comments you make on other users’ streams will be displayed to whoever is watching, extending your reach. Be sure to follow your customers. Follow potential customers. And follow anyone who follows you.
The over arching strategy for any digital marketing campaign is to connect with your audience and encourage a two-way conversation. If you are looking to expand your reach with new and memorable ways to get out in front of your audience, contact MJ2 Marketing today.