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Content Marketing World… It Always Comes Back to Strategy

Content Marketing World
Last week, MJ2 Marketing joined 3,500 people from 53 countries to learn about content marketing trends and topics from industry leaders. Content Marketing World was held in Cleveland, Ohio for thought leaders to join together in an event that can only be described as electric. Here are the key takeaways from our trip to CMW:

It Always Comes Back to Strategy

Most successful projects start and adapt with thoughtful strategy. Every move a marketing team makes should always take into consideration the strategic plan for the client and their business goals of the project.

Maximize All Content

It’s crucial that all content made for clients is maximized to its fullest potential. One custom blog article can be broken down into multiple creative pieces. It gives clients the most for their dollar and attracts a more diverse audience.

Be Self-Aware

In order to actively participate it is important to be aware and informed. For content marketers, it is imperative to stay current on all trends within your client’s industry, too. Knowing the state of the industry allows marketers to enter a larger conversation. For example, if Jimmy Fallon’s stand-up is going viral one morning and you have written a blog on the healing power of humor, re-promote that article to drive traffic for your client in a relative space on a larger scale.

Nothing is a Task

Each post on any platform in your client’s space should never be viewed as a task. Instead, shift your mindset to view each post as an opportunity to share something useful, helpful or relevant in a friendly, authentic way.

Be Authentically You

Humanize the voice of your client. It’s difficult for people to connect with a corporation. They don’t see feelings and emotions with which they can engage. It’s our job to showcase the personality of the company through an authentic, relatable voice. People connect with people.
Content Marketing World taught us lessons that have inspired us to be the best solution in digital marketing for our clients.
“For MJ2, attending Content Marketing World keeps us current and makes sure we are informed and skilled on industry trends,” said Lisa Moore, Director and Content Strategist for MJ2 Marketing. In order to be a thought leader in an industry, you have to know the trending topic others are following. Stay fresh, stay current and stay informed.