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Social Media Quiz: Where Should You Start?

Emerging research pertaining to social media usage can become overwhelming to the average user. Breaking down what demographic is on which platform, what type of content is ideal for each and how to utilize them for your purpose can seem tricky. We have translated statistical data results into an easy-to-use quiz for you to find out where you should begin your buzz with social media.

What type of content do you plan to post?

a. Visual Content – Images, Videos, Etc.
b. Professional Content – Industry News, Business Announcements, Etc.
c. Time Sensitive Content – Breaking News, Live Information, Etc.
d. A Variety of Content – A grab bag of all of the above

What’s your target demographic?

a. Millennials – Tweens, Teens, Young Adults
b. Workforce – Educated, Employed, Etc.
c. Urban Dwellers – Those who reside in medium to large cities
d. Consumers – Ad engagers, Product and Service Consumers

What’s your business looking to accomplish?

a. Brand Awareness
b. Recruitment of New Employees
c. Inform Audience of News
d. Reach Broadest Audience Possible

What’s your audience looking to accomplish?

a. Engagement Opportunities
b. Networking Opportunities
c. Current Information on Your Brand
d. Easily Managed Communication Opportunities

Your Results

instagramMostly A’s: Instagram
74% of users on Instagram are teens. This platform boasts the highest user engagement rates and is ideal for apparel, entertainment, and media brands due to its highly visual content.

linkedinMostly B’s: LinkedIn
The userbase for LinkedIn tends to be highly-educated with higher incomes. 27% of users are between the ages of 30 and 49. LinkedIn boasts the highest levels of user’s trust and is built by professionals and for professionals.


Mostly C’s: Twitter
In 2012, 83% of users reported seeing news on Twitter. Its live feed and the short lifespan of a tweet make it ideal for events, breaking news and anything happening in real time. The ability to add links allows more room for traffic to your website.

facebookMostly D’s: Facebook
Facebook is the platform where you really can’t afford not to have a presence. It is the biggest driver of social-referral traffic. Fast-moving consumer goods perform best on Facebook due to its slightly younger audience.