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Tag and Expose Your Brand On LinkedIn

Increasing your brand following on LinkedIn is advantageous for business focusing in the B2B space. LinkedIn growth is faster and organic when employees, sales teams and management within an organization take active steps to initiate and share the brand LinkedIn social community from personal LinkedIn profiles.
An easy way to share your company’s page on LinkedIn is to tag the company page in a post or share. It’s very simple, just begin typing the name of your company and the page will populate as an option. Of course, you have to already be following the page for it to appear.
SAMPLE copy (from an MJ2 employee):
Kudos to the @MJ2 Marketing team on their award for their work on the @Fire-Dex account. Great job, team!
And, share!
Now, while you’re here, please take a moment and follow us on our MJ2 Marketing LinkedIn community. Please and thank you!