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3 Lessons Learned on the Road with the #SemBikeTour

Authored by: Rachel Sharkey, Social Media Specialist 
“If only my cell phone battery had the energy of the seminarians on the Face Forward bike tour…”
It’s a thought I had numerous times throughout the week as I had the opportunity to learn what the Face Forward Seminarian Bike Tour was all about. I had the honor to showcase the brave seminarians who biked across the great state of Ohio to speak about vocations and the ways in which we can #SeekHoliness while learning a few lessons along the way.

Lesson One: The Seminarians’ Energy is Incomparable

They begin the day with peak energy levels. After mass, they bike to their first school visit, entering the gymnasium with cheer and enthusiasm. In case energy levels begin to drop, the seminarians keep snacks handy…

…and cheers ready for a quick boost.

Lesson Two: T is for Teamwork

From the seminarians helping one another with their bikes, to the coordination among administrators, priests, and students, teamwork was evident in every aspect of the tour.

Older students helped younger students file into the gymnasiums. Face Forward staff members ensured the needs of the seminarians were met. Even the method t-shirts were distributed to the students who asked questions involved well-planned teamwork. It was truly inspiring to see a community come together for a common reason.

Lesson Three: Kids & Kindness Go Hand-in-Hand

After my last school visit with Face Forward, held at Saint Michael School, two of the sweetest students presented the seminarians and I with T-shirts to celebrate their tour finale. The kindness I was shown throughout the entire journey was unwavering and their excitement was contagious.

Standing behind courageous men on their path to priesthood and beside animated kids on their path to recess, it was an incredible atmosphere to be a part of.