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Create a Call-To-Action Button to Your Facebook Page

In December, Facebook added functionality to brand pages to have a CTA button on the timeline image. The CTA button is very simple to add and update.
Simply, click “Create Call-To-Action” on your Facebook business page. Then, choose a button from seven pre-populated options:
Next, add a link to your website. Options to consider are your home page, landing page, contact sheet, a video, an email sign up form, your online store and really, just about anything.
After you have created the CTA button and input the web link, you may add a different destination for mobile users, such as a mobile app.
The final step is to choose “Create.” This is it!
It is very easy to complete. To periodically review your interactions, you can view the clicks to your CTA button on the right side of you Facebook page, under your weekly stats.