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Expect to See These Social Media Trends for the 2014 Holiday Season

Now that the costumes and candy have been put away most marketers, are ready to launch their holiday campaigns. This year, social media will prove to be a powerful tool to get people excited about the upcoming holiday season. According Offerpop’s recent survey of 120 small business owners, we can expect to see marketers utilizing the following trends:
1. Facebook is still king!
Offering over 1.32 billion users, it is anticipated that 92 percent of businesses will spend the bulk of their holiday marketing budget on this platform. For most business owners it is a pretty safe bet that if their target audience has a social media account, they have a Facebook account.
2. Instagram is on the rise.
73 percent of the business owners surveyed stated that Instagram made a significant impact on their marketing efforts this year. The image-based platform offers plenty of opportunities for marketers to get creative with their holiday campaigns.
3. Businesses will stick to the tried and true platforms.
New social media sites pop up daily, offering unique ways to engage a target audience. However, few marketers are willing to take the risk this holiday season, preferring the dependable platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.
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