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Our 8 Picks for Must-Read Social Media Articles and Content Resources

Staying current in this digital world requires research, research and more research. We dedicate significant time investigating the latest trends and ideas regarding digital marketing. Our research has led us to several gems that inspire and educate us, allowing us to bring our “A” game to our clients. We pulled our resources to give you some of the best content and helpful links available and we would love if you would share some of your favorites with us!

1. Social Media Managers and Community Managers: What’s the Difference?

Sure, we are all in the field of digital marketing; however, many have confused the titles “community manager” and “social media manager”. While these job functions share many similarities, Sprout Social does a great job of explaining the differences and helps you understand what we do here at MJ2 Marketing.

2. A Day in the Life of a Content Marketer

It’s a busy job, but we love it. Social Media Today breaks down a typical day for a content marketer. And yes, our days typically look like this!
3. 5 Steps to Reduce Frustration and Create Effective Content Workflow
As content marketers, we all struggle with deciding which is important, quality or quantity. Content Marketing Institute breaks down simple steps to maintain consistency with your content.

4. Business Insider

We are always finding great content here. From general marketing to the latest industry headlines, we find a wealth of information here, daily.

5. Buffer

The organization’s app helps marketers manage multiple social media accounts. They also generate a great deal of solid information regarding all things social.

6. Mashable

Whenever we are looking for the latest headlines in technology, we head straight to this site. 

7. The 36 Rules of Social Media

Tug Agency sums the secrets to social media in 36 easy steps, brilliantly displayed in a creative infographic.

8. Be a Storyteller: Add Context to Your Content

In order to grab your audience and truly engage, you need to be a good storyteller. Oktopost breaks down how to effectively add context to add value to your content.
For more tips on how we stay current in this fast-paced environment, check out our article How MJ2 Marketing Stays Current on All Things Social.

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