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Scary Good Marketing Campaigns

Halloween is upon us. We have seen many marketers use this time of year to have a little fun with their campaigns. Halloween provides an opportunity for brands to connect with their customers who are already in the Halloween spirit. Here are some of our favorite campaigns that highlight how to celebrate the spookiest time of year!
1. Kellogg’s-Rice Krispies Scare
Kellogg’s gave their unsuspecting customers a real “surprise” last holiday season. Using the hashtag #ScaresVendor, branded vending machines provided “free Rice Krispie scares” to anyone who would take it. The brave souls who took them up on their offer did get a nice treat, but not before a good trick!

2. Tide-#ScaredStainless
Tide’s creative marketing team created six unique Vine videos, each of which paid homage to classic scary movies. Tide was the star in the six-second recreation of fan favorites including Carrie and The Shining.

3. Progressive-Dress like Flo
Ah, Flo! The iconic Progressive spokeswoman got her own micro-site, linked from her Facebook page, last Halloween season! “Dress like Flo” encouraged fans to “recreate Flo’s look with 10 accessories”. The brand helped their contestants by allowing the logo, nametag and button to be downloaded and printed. A Flo costume was also available for purchase on Amazon.

4. Sprint LG-“So Real, It’s Scary!”
To showcase their new IPS screen, Sprint LG released a video that really scared some people.  The brand created an optical illusion with lifelike images displayed on an elevator floor that made it appear as if the riders were about to plummet to their deaths. The campaign certainly grabbed the viewer’s attention!

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