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How MJ2 Marketing Stays Current On All Things Social

Digital marketing is an incredibly fast moving industry. How on earth does our team stay up-to-date with the latest news and updates? Here is a little insight from our experts.
Anna: I like to read about a variety of topics that all provide me with information to help me keep up with the changing world of digital marketing. As an “information junkie” I always find something interesting to learn. The content that we provide for our clients helps to set up the various topics I need to know and read about. The Internet alone is a huge resource – Google Search, Google Alerts, Wall Street Journal, local newspapers, Bloomberg BusinessWeek,, Twitter, Facebook, the Skimm, the Daily Mail – these are just few of my everyday go-to sources for information.
Megan: We subscribe to various memberships and webinars that keep us all up-to-date on the latest and greatest digital techniques.  However, at MJ2 we strive to build excellent relationships with our clients, and we are really good listeners. Each client is very unique, what is right for one might not work for the other. Staying current not only means internal training, but also staying in tune with the needs of our clients.
Anne: I set up Google Alerts for a variety of topics including: Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Social Media, etc.  I also set up lists on Facebook with similar categories so I can follow various pages that cover the topics that interest me.  Plus, I always learn something from my co-workers at our weekly staff meetings. Our Operations Director, Anna Young, is an information junkie and is always sharing the latest information from the digital marketing world.
Lisa: To stay current and informed in the digital marketing world, I follow and watch several industry leaders, including Social Media Today, Content Marketing Institute, and Marketing Profs among others. When I come across a relevant post, I bookmark it to read at a later time. My weekly goal is to dedicate 2-3 hours of industry news to stay informed about opportunities and changes in the digital content marketing world.
If you are ready to amp up your digital marketing strategy, read our blog How to Take Digital Marketing to the Next Level or contact our offices to chat with our experts.

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