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Welcome to our newest client, White Oak Partners!

Say hello to our newest client! White Oak Partners is a real estate investment firm in New Albany, Ohio with a leadership team that averages over 25 years in the industry.
White Oak first approached MJ2 Marketing looking for an evolution in their branding, as well as a new website. We met with several members of the White Oak team to determine the appropriate direction and feel of our deliverables. During this process it was important to listen to all viewpoints and make sure that every member of the White Oak team was confident about the project.
WO_Logo_Final_FullColorThe first phase of this project was a brand evolution. The White Oak team felt a strong connection to their existing branding, but needed to establish consistency across all collateral. MJ2 updated their logo with new typefaces and colors. These changes gave a new look without completely diverging from their original icon.
After the branding was complete, the next phase was the website redesign. Prior to project start White Oak did have a website, but did not feel that it reflected their high standards. This allowed us to start fresh, using the new brand as a jumping off point to create a website that would live up to the White Oak name.
The finished website is image based with simple navigation that allows visitors to quickly dig in and learn more about the company. Included in the site’s features are:

  • An image slideshow background, featuring images from the cities where White Oak operates.
  • An interactive map that highlights the various properties where White Oak invests.
  • A responsive design that makes it easy for visitors to the load the website on their mobile device and browse while on the go.

We are very excited to complete this project and provide White Oak with the tools they need to maintain a consistent, high quality brand. Take a look at the website and let us know what you think!
white oak partners website

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