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MJ2 was approached by the creators of Blerline to help launch a social campaign in support of their new product launch on Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform designed to raise money for new products. The product, tracing paper designed to fit and adhere to your mobile device, allows you to use your phone or tablet as a lightbox for tracing.
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Spreading the word quickly through social channels and building brand awareness were two important KPI’s of the project; however, the investors at Blerline wanted to understand how a content management strategy could drive traffic to the Kickstarter platform.

Our solution? A quick meeting, and the MJ2 Jumpstart Program.

“Blerline ‘Tracing Sticky Notes’ is a patent pending product for mobile devices.  A simple idea that felt daunting to introduce to the marketplace.  We need to educate consumers about our new product.  Most importantly, we need to show how and why to use it.  The team at MJ2 dove in with a short time line to help us Jumpstart our social media campaign to build awareness and to drive traffic to our Kickstarter campaign,”  said Julie, CMO of Blerline.
After learning about the Blerline ‘Tracing Sticky Notes,’ we knew we needed to spread the word about what exactly this product is and the many ways it can be used. After setting up their Facebook page we created a content blueprint that would build brand awareness and drive traffic to the Kickstarter campaign through engaging content and branded imagery.
We created a strategy and trained the Blerline team to post and share daily. They have been doing an awesome job and their Facebook community has grown to 120 followers in just under a week. They have since taken this project further with our ad recommendations and are currently building their fan base and driving traffic to their Kickstarter through Facebook advertising.How do you Blerline
Julie, CMO of Blerline is a fan of the MJ2 Jumpstart program.
“MJ2 has been an integral part of our product launch. They are responsive, creative, and incredibly easy to work with.  Their energy and ideas made the task manageable.  They gave us a clear cut strategy and many tactics for success in social media.  They also helped us with Facebook ads that have extended our reach far more than we imagined in the first 2 weeks.  The MJ2 team is fantastic,” said Julie Haar

Learn more about the Blerline ‘Tracing Sticky Notes’ on their Kickstarter page and follow them on Facebook.


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