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It’s Time to Clean Up Your Online Presence

Spring clean social
Spring is (finally) here! The sun shining through the windows shines a new light on the accumulating dust, making the change in seasons the perfect opportunity to start anew. While many are deep cleaning their homes this is also the prefect time to tidy-up your online presence.
Just like our homes, our online presence can start to collect “virtual” dust. Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes to go through this checklist and cleanup online. When you are done, you will have a shiny new web presence and it will feel just as good as scrubbing the grout in your tile!

Social Media

  • Update your profile with fresh images. Many social media sites have updated their look in the past year. Make sure your images are updated with the appropriate dimensions to look good in their new format.
  • Revisit your bio and update any new information since the last time it was edited.
  • Review your contact information and make sure it is updated with accurate hours of operation and phone number.
  • Deactivate or revive any channels that are no longer being used.
  • Fill out the complete profile: link your website, add locations, and list links to your other profiles.
  • Review new platforms to see if they are right for your business, and make sure you are utilizing updated features on your current platform.


  • Review and add new content, especially images.
  • Update important business information, including address, phone number and hours of operation.
  • Review and update your events page with any upcoming events.
  • Check your links to ensure they are working.
  • Review the navigation on your website and make sure it is not confusing to your customer.
  • Check your site for slow-loading or broken pages and address accordingly.

Once you have cleaned up your presence, make a note on your calendar to do some housecleaning once a month in order to create an engaging environment for your current and new customers.

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