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10 Steps to Get Started on Social Media

Does the thought of getting started on social media seem overwhelming to you? We get it. When you start to think about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and all of the other sites, it can be intimidating and confusing. The good news is that social media is actually really fun once you get started and can open several new opportunities for your business. Follow these ten easy steps to get started on social media.

1. Do your research

There are several sites available; the big four include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. Research and see which platform is right for your business. Take a look at the statistics—number of users on each network. These statistics are a key factor in determining where you will build your online presences.

2. Pick one site to start

Once you have done your research and determined which platform suits your business, get started. Picking one platform allows you to focus your attention and build your following. Don’t get caught up in doing too much at once. It will not only be overwhelming but it will also prevent you from learning how to effectively use each site.

3. Curate content

What does it mean to curate content? It means you start sharing valuable content for your followers to read. And it doesn’t always have to be an original piece written by your business. In fact, it shouldn’t be. Only about 20 percent of what you share should be about your business. Sharing other people’s content allows you to serve as the single source for your customer to receive the valuable information they are looking to find.

4. Create a time budget

This is a very important step because it is very easy to get caught up in the social media world. Spending a great deal of time in the social world is a great way to learn the ropes but you probably don’t have the time, energy or interest in spending all day on social media. Set a time budget for time spent each day or week and stick to it to accommodate your schedule.

5. Don’t be afraid to lurk

Once you have established your profile, don’t be afraid to follow some industry leaders and see what they are doing. Each social media site has a very unique set of nuances. Spend some time observing and learning the ins and outs before deciding how you will approach the social media site to promote your business.

6. Develop a plan

One of the biggest mistakes many businesses make when they start a social campaign is that they don’t develop a strategy. You can’t just “wing it” when it comes to social. Develop a plan and stick to it.

7. Ask questions

The whole point of social media is to connect with your customer. Don’t be afraid to solicit responses by asking valid questions on your profile. And be sure to join the conversation. Once you start getting responses, let your customer know you are really listening by responding back to them.

8. Understand social etiquette

From hashtag use to appropriate response time, be sure to use the proper etiquette when communicating with your customers on social media.

 9. Include your team in the campaign

Social media is all about being social; so don’t forget to include the entire team. It adds some spice to your profile when you are able to get insights and perspectives from other team members.

10. Measure your success

The ability to measure your effectiveness is imperative to your campaign’s success. Take a look at what is being shared, commented on and sending visitors to your site and then keep doing.
Now you are ready to get your business started on social media. Go ahead and start your profile and be sure to let us know so we can follow you. And stay tuned, we will be offering tips on how to take your social strategy to the next level in a later post.

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