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Twitter Resembles Facebook on Web

New Twitter Like Facebook

With custom profile images, cover photos, tweet highlights and larger images, Twitter’s webpage update appears to be mirroring the design update Facebook made to its profile page back in 2013.
“Moment by moment, your Twitter profile shows the world who you are. Starting today, it will be even easier (and, we think, more fun) to express yourself through a new and improved web profile,” said Twitter designer David Bellona in a blog post announcing the design update.
So, what’s new with the update? Twitter users will see the following updates to their profile page in the next coming weeks:

  • The ability to pin tweets to the top of their page.
  • Tweets with more retweets, replies or favorites will appear in a larger font.
  • The ability to filter the displayed tweet timelines to exclude pictures or videos.
  • Customized profile pages.
  • A horizontal banner across the top screen that includes stats about the user’s profile.

A small group of users are already seeing the new updates. Everyone else will be will see changes to their profile page over the coming weeks; however, if you’re completely new to Twitter, you get to start with the new profile from the get go.
What do you think of the updates?