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Free Productivity Apps for Businesses

Free Productivity Apps for Businesses
Days after its release, Microsoft’s new iPad apps are the top three downloads in the App Store. The free apps allow documents to be viewed or presented; however, creating or editing a document requires an Office 365 subscription for $9.99/month or $99/year. The much-anticipated release of Office for mobile places the apps in a long list of available mobile productivity apps that are paving the way for an even more mobile office. Here are some other must have productivity apps available for iOS and Android. 
Evernote App


Considered a gold standard app for business, Evernote is the top choice for note taking. Take notes, capture photos, create to-do lists, record audio notes and then sync them across all mobile and desktop devices. Everything stored within the app is easily searchable, making it ideal for on-the-go business professionals.
Pocket App


There are millions of bookmarking apps to choose from these days; however, we are big fans of Pocket. This app allows you to save online articles or videos for offline reading at a later time and syncs effortlessly across all of your devices. The app strips away ads, providing a clean page of content similar to the feel of reading from a newspaper. The app integrates well into any platform and will save content from a variety of sources including Flipboard, Pulse, Twitter or your web browser.
Mint App


Keeping track of finances is a breeze with this app. Mint easily tracks spending, budget, categorizes transactions, tracks checking/savings/credit card accounts, and sends email alerts for upcoming bills, along with many more features! Those concerned about security can rest easy knowing that all information is transferred using the TRUSTe and VeriSign technology already employed by banks. 
Dropbox App


This cloud app allows users to easily sync and share files online and across computers. Store and share photos, videos, documents and presentations on-the-go or share and send via email. 
Tempo App

Tempo Calendar

Managing your personal and business calendar just got a lot easier with Tempo Calendar. Using a clean, simple layout to breakdown your year into agendas, lists, days, weeks and months you can easily navigate a busy work and social calendar. The app syncs your iCal, Google Calendar and Facebook events seamlessly. It will even allow you to contact attendees to your event if you are running late and add alerts to help you juggle everything.
There is an app for just about every aspect of life, business or personal. What is your favorite productivity app?

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