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4 Email Marketing Essentials

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With the abundance of platforms available to connect with your customer, some may consider email marketing an outdated format to reach their customer. While social media and mobile marketing are the big buzz words right now, it is important to remember that email marketing, combined with a strong content marketing strategy, is more powerful than ever thanks to social media and mobile.
According to industry data, the number of email users continues to grow exponentially each year. The evolution of digital marketing means that consumers are increasingly connected. Everything from smartphones to wearable technology present new ways for consumers to access email. While the email landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the basics for a solid email campaign still remain.
1.    Be Relevant
Creating relevant experiences for your intended audience always has, and always will be, the best way to capture your customer. Focusing on your customer’s interests, allows you to communicate in a way that resonates.
2.    Subject lines are important
Today’s highly connected consumer is bombarded with emails on an hourly basis, many of which are deleted before they are even read. Why? The subject line either pulls them in or immediately turns them off. There isn’t a specific formula for a solid subject line; however, studies do indicate that subject lines that are concise (less than 50 characters) and straightforward have a higher open rate.
3.    Include a Call to Action
Your email needs to be as actionable as it is personal. Strategically highlighting an offer or opportunity is not considered pushy by your reader as long as the email content is relevant and customized to your customer.
4.    Measure you results
There isn’t a tried and true email-marketing tactic that fits all campaigns all the time. That is why it is important to carefully review email analytics to monitor, measure and modify your campaign. Doing so allows you to determine what caused your customer to open the email or immediately delete it.
Email marketing is an integral component of your total marketing strategy. Engaging directly with your customers by providing relevant and impactful content will keep them asking for more!