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Viral Videos: 3 Video Types to Include in Your Content Marketing Strategy

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Are you including videos in your content marketing strategy? If not, it is definitely time to start. As content marketing continues to evolve, visual marketing is quickly becoming the norm. Videos often provide high viewership and engagement compared to text-heavy content. But don’t just take our word, a 2012 report by The Content Marketing Institute found the following:

  • On-line video has increased eightfold in five years.
  • By 2016 the gigabyte equivalent of all the movies ever made will move across the inter every 3 minutes.
  • It will take approximately 6million years to watch all the video that will to the internet in just one month in 2016.
  • Video will be 55 percent of all internet traffic by 2016.
  • Video on demand will triple by 2016.
  • Mobile video traffic will increase by eighteen times by 2016 (from 2011).

If you are looking for some creative inspiration, below are three types of videos to produce that will not only increase brand awareness but also establish trust with your customer.

1. Vines

While six-seconds seems short, it is plenty of time to get your message to your customer. In fact, shorter content sees much better engagement than a longer video. A six second ad is more likely to be viewed from beginning to end with almost 100 percent completion rate in comparison to 30-second videos suffering from over 20 percent viewer drop-off by video’s end., Twitter believes that Vine’s 6-second limit is the sweet spot. The sky’s the limit in what you can produce in six-seconds. Our favorites include Lowe’s DIY videos and Simon and Schuster’s best-seller catalog.

 2. Tutorial Videos

Speaking of Lowe’s DIY Vines, tutorial videos are an excellent place to start for brands that are struggling for video content ideas. How-to videos allow the customer to see, in action, a task they are trying to accomplish while simplifying what could be considered a difficult concept. As an added bonus a well-done tutorial video can help to establish yourself as an expert in your given industry.

3. Testimonials

Did you know testimonials and word of mouth are the driving force behind 0 to 50 percent of all purchasing decisions? There is no better sales person for your business than a happy customer. A testimonial video is quick and easy to produce and serves as a powerful resource for your business. Today’s consumers look will undoubtedly research peer reviews before making a final decision and a video can be much more convincing than an anonymous written review.
The possibilities are endless when you add videos to your content strategy.  Now is the time to give personality to your brand while demonstrating a level of authenticity that is not available through text. With just a little bit of effort, video can quickly become the most successful component of your marketing plan.

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