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5 Common Blog Post Types to Cure Writer's Block

Types of Blogs

Are you at a loss for words? Writers deal with this ailment at some point in their career…or week…or day. Writer’s block can be frustrating for even the most accomplished writer. Creating a weekly or bi-weekly blog for your business can be a daunting task and many find themselves staring at a white screen searching for ways to formulate a thought. Starting with a specific type of blog can help formulate your thoughts. Below are five blog types to use when you face the dreaded writer’s block.

1.    The Newsjack

Newsjacking is a term used to describe the practice of sharing breaking news with your audience. News is breaking every second in this uber-connected world, presenting a unique opportunity for marketers to benefit from a topic that is garnering a great deal of buzz. Due to the immediacy of the topic, Newsjacks tend to be short in length. A Newsjack blog post is great when you have a new perspective to share on a popular news story or see an opportunity to be the first in your space to report an industry-impacting story.

2.    The How-To

Quite possibly the most popular type of blog, the “how-to” blog post does exactly what it sounds like: it teaches the reader how to do something. These tend to have the most success because they teach the reader something new. Images and/or videos are an added bonus for this blog type. When writing a “how-to” post, be sure your reader is able to execute on the subject without confusion by the end of the post.

3.    The List

An easy to read format that is considered by many to be the bread and butter of blogging; the List blog post is a win-win for both reader and writer. The reader receives the benefit of viewing content that can be easily scanned to pinpoint the exact information they are in need of finding. The writer receives the benefit of staying on track with the intended purpose of the blog by keeping details in concise order.

4.    The Curated Collection

Many bloggers struggle, trying to produce content that is 100 percent original. However, it is extremely beneficial to your customer to produce an article that contains relevant, comprehensive insights and resources from around the Internet. Selectively gather this information into one concise article and you have a well-thought, valued piece of content curation.

5.    The SlideShare Presentation

For the writer who is at a complete loss of words, the SlideShare presentation presents a welcomed opportunity to break up the monotony of consistent text with added visuals and interaction. Unlike a typical blog post, the SlideShare allows the pictures to do most of the talking. A plethora of copy is unnecessary, provided the visuals are top notch.
Once you have decided the type of blog post you would like to create, you can determine who you are writing for and brainstorm a few working titles. By then, your ideas will start to form and you will be able to outline your thoughts to will adequately transfer your industry knowledge to your intended reader.
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Curated Collection

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