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Three Brands We Heart

Establishing a great digital footprint is a key part of any business’ success. Showing the personal side of your brand will turn a customer into a loyal fan. These three brands have done a great job giving their brand a personality and engaging their customers on various social platforms. 



Already one of the largest brands in the world, Nike wasn’t content to simply lean back and enjoy their success. Instead, Nike hit the social media world in full force this past year. Their success begins with a massive Facebook and Twitter audience, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Nike’s commercials – geared more towards inspiration than advertising a specific product – have always been very popular among its fans. In 2013, Nike switched their focus to the internet, producing a series of videos specifically for online audiences. The change has paid off big time with over 50 million views on Nike’s Youtube channel last year.
Today, Nike’s largest campaign is their #PlayRussian website, celebrating the location of the Winter Olympics. The website encourages athletes to show their Olympic spirit and submit videos that could be featured on a Nike TV commercial.



A local brand turned national phenomena; Homage specializes in high quality vintage tee shirts. With everything from pop culture references to the Valentines-Day-Favorite “Ohio is for Lovers” hoodie, Homage has something for everyone.
What makes this t-shirt shop so successful? Homage has mastered the art of connecting with their clients over social media. High quality updates on Facebook, as well as fantastic online contests like this year’s #SelfieBowl have no doubt turned thousands of customers info fanatics.



A hometown favorite, not only does Jeni’s serve up incredible gourmet ice cream, but their digital footprint is one of the best in the game.
It all begins on the Jeni’s home page a beautifully simplistic website that leaves out the fluff, and skips right to what’s important: the ice cream. Upon further exploration, visitors to the website will come across Jeni’s social media presences. Active on a plethora of networks, fans can connect with the ice cream shop on whatever platform they prefer; and Jeni’s does a fantastic job of customizing the experience to each audience. Visitors to the Jeni’s Blog, for example, can read about a wide range of topics from the history of Jeni’s, to creative ways to incorporate the ice cream into other recipes at home. Likewise, visitors to Jeni’s Vimeo channel will be treated to beautifully produced videos, showcasing what goes on back in the kitchen.
These three brands are all-stars when it comes to creating content that is educational and entertaining, giving the customer a sneak-peek at the brand’s personality. Do you have a favorite brand you follow? Let us know in the comments below!

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