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A Guide to Creating Your Own Infographic

Infographic resources

Infographics are the most popular way to display researched data, providing a visual representation in a manner that is easy to consume for the reader. Have you compiled some data that you would like to share with your customer, but don’t feel like they will read a long essay about it? Take a look at these resources to help you create a visually stimulating infographic that will educate your customer and highlight your industry expertise.


Do you need some inspiration to get started? Visual.ly has a large library of infographics online that you can use to get motivated.


If you think your infographic is best represented in a chart, Infogr.am is where you should start. Here you can create over 30 different types of charts to incorporate into infographics. You can even import your Excel files right into the program. In minutes you can illustrate your data and create interactive images.


The Piktochart app allows you to drag and drop elements to create infographics in three easy steps and then share what you created through your social networks.

 Hubspot Infographics

Hubspot has taken the hard work out of creating an infographic by offering fully customizable templates available to download directly from their site. Choose from the five templates to build your own infographics right in PowerPoint.

What is your favorite resource for creating an infographic? Let us know!

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