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3 Apps to Make Your Videos Sparkle

Have you dabbled in creating mobile videos? Many have participated in the recent mobile video craze sparked by Vine and Instagram. Some businesses have even joined in on the craze to engage their customers and stay at the front of the public’s mind, but creating quality videos can be difficult. Whether you are making your first foray into mobile internet video, or you’re a pro looking to make your videos pop, these apps can help.

Video Apps

Jump-start the recording process with Directr
One of the more difficult aspects of creating a video is brainstorming and planning. With Directr you can browse a large selection of video topics and categories, making the brainstorming process significantly easier. Once you have selected a video topic, Directr will present a variety of professionally designed storyboards that match your project’s theme and provide instructions for both the actors and videographers. Finally, once the video has been shot, Directr provides basic editing capabilities to fine-tune your project as well as provide a selection of music that can serve as a soundtrack.
Directr is available for the iPhone and comes in both a free personal version and a business version with several pricing options.


Turn snippets into stories with Qwiki
Qwiki is one of the easiest ways to turn a snippet into something more by automatically creating a beautiful short movie from user-selected videos and pictures. Just select the files you would like to include and Qwiki does the rest. Once the video is generated users can rearrange or modify clips, customize captions, and choose a soundtrack. Check out the beautiful examples on Qwiki’s home page!


Create beautiful video collages with Vidstich
Collage tools are nothing new, but Vidstich rises to the top with a variety of high quality, polished features. Vidstich allows you to easily combine videos and pictures into a great looking collage, and then instantly post to a variety of social media sites.
Vidstich is available for both the iPhone and Android.
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