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5 Hot Trends for Infographics

As content grows increasingly visual, infographics will continue to be an extremely powerful tool for driving traffic to your website. What will catapult your infographic into the “viral content” category? Below, we highlight the five trends that will increase the value of your next infographic, including:

  • Mobile compatibility: These days, any content you produce should translate well to mobile devices.
  • Quality content: Higher quality will allow your infographic to stand out from the rest of your competition. Being selective in the content you share will reap higher rewards for your business.
  • Longer images: The longer the infographic the more likely it will be highly trafficked on social media (i.e. Pinterest). People love images!
  • Video infographics: It sounds more difficult to produce than it is. Simply take the infographic source files, place them into a video, and enhance them with music and/or narration. Voila, a heightened infographic!
  • Get creative: By now, everyone is producing infographics. Be creative in your presentation, it is not just about the information you are presenting.


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