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Mobile Marketing with Snapchat

As Facebook and Twitter continue to grow as the preferred platforms for mobile marketing, it is time to start thinking about more creative methods to reach your target customer. Several brands have found Snapchat as a valuable place to create intimate, one-to-one connections with their customers.
What is Snapchat?
Snapchat was launched in 2011 and has grown to be a widely popular messaging app, especially among teens and Millennials. The application allows users to take pictures and videos, add text and drawings on top and send it to their friends. Once their friends open these snaps, they have ten seconds before the snaps disappear. The receiver does have the ability to take a screenshot of the snap, but the sender will be notified if they choose to do so. The app is free on both iOS and Android phones.
How should I use Snapchat?
There are plenty of opportunities to use this platform for marketing purposes. Snapchat allows you to personalize your messages to target individual customers. While this may require more work, it can create a much more meaningful interaction with your customers.  Not to mention how fun and compelling the disappearing content can be for your campaign. Take a look at these Snapchat marketing pioneers for a little inspiration!

Thousands are privy to short, sweet, visual social media content each and every day on their mobile device. From contest announcements to a behind-the-scenes look and everything in between, Snapchat offers plenty of options to use the mobile app to your advantage by creating a unique marketing opportunity that allows you to build your relationship with your customer.
Have you used Snapchat to market your brand?

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