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Surprise: It’s Columbus!

Columbus Ohio
Our quaint city has recently been making national news. We have known for sometime that there is a great deal of excitement packed into this little city, and the secret is out to the rest of the country. Dubbed a “foodie’s paradise”, “fashion hub” and “unofficial home to U.S. soccer”, Columbus is sure to have something to offer for everyone. Take a look at some of our favorite headlines about our hometown:
“Columbus, Ohio, a new destination for food lovers”
The Washington Post
“[The] Ohio capital has blossomed into a food lover’s town, with serious cocktails and microbrews, pastries worthy of Paris, fantastical ice-cream flavors (think peanut with toasted coconut and chili) and extraordinary shopping.”
“Hello, Columbus”
The New York Times
“The Mahan is just one spot in this city’s Short North neighborhood that is challenging all preconceived notions of what passes for cool in the Midwest.”
“Columbus demands exploration”
Chicago Tribune
“In the last two decades, Columbus has been quietly growing into a dynamic, vibrant metropolis, replacing Cleveland as the Buckeye State’s largest city and becoming an artsy, edgy destination.”
“Columbus emerges as unlikely fashion hub”
USA Today
“You probably never thought you’d read a story about Columbus, Ohio, being a mecca for fashionistas. But this Midwestern city has a surprising secret: It’s one of the country’s chicest capitals.”
“How did Columbus become the unofficial home of U.S soccer?”
Sports Illustrated
“Multiple markets, from Portland to St. Louis and from L.A. to D.C., have a claim. When the chips are down, however, the U.S. relies on Columbus, the unexpected – and now unquestioned – home of the national team’s most high-profile game.”
While incredulity seems to be the general theme for these headlines, we believe Columbus’ many positive qualities will force the shift from surprise to it’s deserved status as an undisputed cultural mecca. Have you seen Columbus in the news? What is your favorite headline?

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