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Social Media is in the News


The world of social media was bustling this week due to several exciting announcements and updates. Take a look at some of the stories that peaked our interest:

Facebook’s “like” button is getting a redesign, according to a recent report. The iconic thumb will be no more as the new image will feature the Facebook “f” in order to be optimized for high-resolution screens. The new image will be rolled out over the next few weeks.
Pinterest hired San Francisco Chronicle President Joann Bradford to lead their partnerships department. According to a Pinterest spokesperson, Bradford’s responsibilities include “building both commercial and content partnerships globally.” Twitter made a similar move recently when they hired NBC’s Vivian Schiller to lead their partnerships department. Social platforms like Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook serve as sources for news and content, pushing the industry to connect social with journalism.
Twitter is now public and they made history at the same time. The New York Stock Exchange showed live stream of Twitter’s IPO on Thursday morning, the first time it had broadcast an IPO or opening bell event in its 225-year history. The exchange hopes to show the world a tech-friendly image by embracing these new tools.
Three major social media platforms with three major announcements. Are you keeping current on the social media buzz? Be sure to visit our blog for the latest on what is happening in the social scene.

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