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How Content Marketing Helped Plan Your Thanksgiving Feast

Whether you realize it or not, content marketing is playing a significant role in the planning of your upcoming Thanksgiving feast. In fact, you are probably scouring the Internet right now for pictures, recipes, inspiration and other ideas to prepare for the holiday. From the drinks you serve to the table decorations and even the turkey itself, content marketing has helped shape your celebration. Take a look!
Social Media
Many brands are turning to visual social media platforms to showcase their Thanksgiving ideas. For instance, William Sonoma has an amazing board on Pinterest labeled “The Thanksgiving Table” where they’ve pinned images of lavish Thanksgiving meals and recipes.  Instagram is another great place to display your beautiful Thanksgiving creations. So, after you prepare the recipe you snagged from Pinterest, be sure to snap a picture and post it to Instagram.
Novice cooks, professional chefs and even turkey producers like Butterball are sharing their favorite ways to prepare the Thanksgiving centerpiece through blog posts. Do you have questions on how to deep fry a turkey safely? What about dietary restrictions? There are blog posts for just about any question you may have regarding the preparation and serving of your main dish. Just type in your question to Google search and all your questions will be answered.
Do you prefer a more visual instruction on how to prepare your turkey or creatively set your table? You are in luck as many brands are turning to video because they have the ability to inform and entertain the audience at the same time. Brands such as Pottery Barn, William Sonoma and Jennie-O have created unique tutorials to ensure your table is set perfectly and your bird is juicy and golden brown.

Did you know that 91 percent of Thanksgiving trips are made by car; or that the cost of an average Thanksgiving meal for 10 people is $49.20? We didn’t either until we saw this really cool infographic produced by Nationwide. The company offers several solutions for their customers, including vehicle loan refinance options and car insurance. They used content marketing to breakdown the financial impact of the holiday.
As you sit down this week to your lovely dinner, be sure to ask yourself, “How did content marketing help create this beautiful meal”?

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