MJ2 Weekly Blog Post…Uh…We Mean BRAG Post


MJ2 Weekly Blog Post. Uh. We Mean BRAG Post

We don’t mean to brag (actually, yes we do)…but…we absolutely love the amazing creativity and talent of our Project Manager/Graphic Designer…soon to be bride…Ashley Fithen!
Why? Well we are so glad you asked!  She simply never fails to be on point with the concepts and visuals she pulls together for the marketing pieces that we create for our clients.  She pulls just the right images from, who knows where, to create the feeling or mood that is trying to be conveyed in the pieces that we write. She brings the whole thing together with her exceptional talent and vision.
We want you to check out this awesome infographic she created for our client Fire-Dex. She conceptualized the entire thing from creating the tower concept, plugging in the numbers which were found when we were doing our research for a 9/11 piece, and ,believe it or not, those are her own personal images that she took at ground zero on a trip to New York City a few years ago.  She pulled from her own resources and put together this heartfelt, interesting, and moving infographic. We loved it!
It looks like we weren’t the only ones to be impressed with it…FireRescue1’s, a site that provides firefighters with the information and resources to stay safer on the job, even picked it up to post on their site as well!
We, at MJ2, strive to always have top flight talent on our team to continuously serve our clients with excellence. So in the spirit of that, way to go Ashley! We are so proud to have you on our team.


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