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Big News for Small Businesses

As promised, Facebook is expanding advertising options that will allow brands better opportunities to capitalize with social media marketing. An official announcement on the Facebook for Business page reveals several new updates that that “will offer small businesses more capabilities for creating ad images and mobile page management, providing greater freedom to create and test visually compelling ads, and manage pages on the go”.facebook_page_manager_app
One such update is Facebook’s new partnership with Shutterstock. Now, advertisers and page administrators will have access to millions of photos for free, allowing businesses to make their Facebook marketing efforts more interactive and visual for more clicks. This will also be a powerful tool for brand managers because of its ease of use and its access to prodigious amounts of visual imagery for their campaigns.
Companies can also upload multiple images at once to create more than one ad at a time. Additionally, the network updated its mobile Manager application for Android and Apple devices to help busy marketers create and edit ads on the fly.
They say a picture is a worth a thousand words. Complementary images to your ad are a simple upgrade that can dramatically increase conversions. Are you ready to make your brand stand out above the rest?

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