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MJ2 Grandstand: Our Cheeks are on Fire

Fire-Dex SkinWe already know that our Director of Community Management, Lisa Moore, is a rock star! Our client, John Zbozien, Director of Marketing and Business Development at Fire-Dex put it best, “Without Lisa’s commitment and dedication to our [Facebook] page we would just be “another page”! Her efforts make us the best in the industry…I know you guys keep saying ‘we have a great community’ but, in my opinion, what makes the community so “great” and “active” is the fact that Lisa is always there to respond, communicate and engage!”
Fire-Dex recently completed a successful campaign with Skin of the Day, where the first 750 fans that signed up received an official Fire-Dex skin for their phone. The contest was finished in just two days! According to Mark Bratlie, VP Brands and Operations, “I browsed the comments, and it seems a huge reason the site is so popular is because of how frequently and completely someone from Fire-Dex actually personally responds to comments. Responding to each and every person about whether they are “in” for the skin or not astounded me”.
He further states, “I know there would be a way to systematically confirm for people if they are one of the 750, via email confirmation or otherwise, but you are not doing that.  Whether that was deliberate or not, I don’t know, but the engagement level with the personal responses to each query is impressive! This thing we are doing together is far more than a trial run of our processes and a chance to delight your fans.  It’s truly an experience, as well.”
MJ2 Marketing is dedicated to the success of each of our clients. We understand that social marketing is less about being social, and more about knowing your “marketing”. We put careful thought into how we present your brand in the digital world. We are humbled by these comments as we feel they exemplify the commitment and enthusiasm we have for the success of each of our clients.

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