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How Are You Connecting With Others?

mj2_digplatformsDigitally connected consumers are spending an increased amount of time connecting with each other through multiple social media platforms. Below are results of a recent survey conducted by The Buntin Group and Survey Sampling International, on behalf of Chinet, who surveyed US web users who used at least two tech platforms-including email, text or social-to connect with others during a given week.
While the results show an increase in time spent on social media platforms, even the most digitally connected consumers are starting to fade. Fifty-four percent of respondents said they had walked away from technology at least occasionally last year to gain time in-person, and a greater percentage—62 percent—said they planned to reduce their online socializing time next year in an effort to focus on face-to-face interaction.
Do you prefer connecting online or face-to-face?

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