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Simple Steps to Improve Your Email Marketing Campaign

Is your email marketing program “pretty decent”?  We have received awesome results integrating email marketing into our client’s social campaigns. Here are some of our favorite tips and tricks to help you improve your promotions.Email-Marketing

  • Review your preference strategy. There are three ways you can capture preferences: ask them, observe them, and group them (into categories). Use your preference page to ask your customers about their other channel preferences. Be sure to educate them about your social media outlets.
  • Synchronize and correct your data. We see this all the time. Many businesses have multiple sources of customer data; make sure that your data is updated, and easily accessible to all channels. A simpler way to audit is to check if your “other sources” of data match up with the master source of data.
  • Did you make it to the inbox? Unfortunately, many email service providers are no longer vouching for your deliverability. You need to make sure you are “authenticated,” and address spam complaints
  • Are you optimized for mobile? Making your messages smaller on the smartphone is not optimized. Look to shorten your messages by device or, even better, use responsive design so you deliver cleanly to any device.
  • Track your reports. You know we love to measure. In addition to looking at each campaign’s performance, you should also be tracking your customer’s interaction with your messages over a period of time. An open, click, or conversion at the end of a series of campaigns is much more relevant versus just one campaign.
  • Integrate social media. Social media tools are free; use them! If you do nothing else, please do these three things. First, put up your preference page to sign up for email on your social media sites. Second, use current social content within your email campaigns. Third, and most important, post your email campaigns on your social media sites.
  • Create compelling content. Your customer will pay attention to your campaigns if they are interesting. When you are brainstorming your campaign, ask yourself: Does it have the information my customer needs? Is it visually pleasing? Do I have a good balance of information and promotions? Is it intriguing?

Your customers are overloaded with e-mail every day. However, with a little bit of know-how and a lot of creativity you can entice them to to open your message!