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Egads! No Google Analytics? Why?

We are shocked when we onboard a new client and Google Analytics is not loaded up on their website. Why? Here’s why…and our top 10 reasons to install Google Analytics now!
1. Powerful customizable reportsThe reports within Google Analytics, especially as they pertain to social, are dynamite. All reports are easily customizable with a drag and drop feature.
2. Measure internal site search -Using GA’s search analytics, you can monitor what your users are looking for when they come to your website, allowing you to make the most sought out information more readily available.
3. Monitor your mobile and tablet traffic – With mobile traffic growing every day, it’s important that your website is accessible on all platforms. GA allows you to monitor the browsing habits of your mobile users and determine if your mobile functionality is sufficient.
4. It’s FREE to use – You don’t have to pay any (monthly) fees for using this product. This way you can invest a decent budget in resources instead of on expensive tools.
5. It is intuitive – Google Analytics is very easy to set up and maintain and requires very little time to learn and use the platform.
6. New features added periodically – The Web Analytics package has evolved to become a high-end solution for small, medium and large (multinational) companies.
GA is well supported and maintained. You don’t have to worry about the platform becoming obsolete any time soon, and anyone in your company can access it.
7. Powerful integration with AdWords – Google Analytics allows you to monitor your Google AdWords campaigns and more effectively tailor your ads to your target audience.
8. Send reports periodically via email – Scheduled email reports and alerts allow you to “set it and forget it” and still get your stats on schedule.
9. Export to Excel at a breeze – The data export function works flawlessly and the opportunities are endless.
10. Track your campaigns– GA provides the ability to track any campaign that is driving traffic to your website.
While this is not a complete list, we hope this provides an adequate background on how useful this tool can be to your business.
Are Google Analytics running on your site currently?