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The Scoop in Social Media

Staying up on social media is one thing. Staying ahead of the game? Another. Here are a few quick tidbits that have been launched this week on your favorite sites.

So, what’s new?

Facebook Icon
Facebook launched Open Graph Mobile this week. In an effort to integrate Open Graph into mobile apps, Facebook simplified the process by using Object API., which cuts out the web server.
With the mobile professional in mind, LinkedIn revamped their mobile app for members to quickly discover and engage with the rich professional insights being shared across the platform, allowing for an enhanced mobile experience.
Twitter recently launched “keyword targeting in timelines,” which means advertisers can now target ads to consumers based on the words they tweet.
Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to keep you in the game. Quick questions? We will give you the easy answers, just give us a call or leave a comment on our blog.
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