Getting to Know Lisa Moore of MJ2 Marketing


Get to Know MJ2 – Lisa Moore

Lisa MooreName:  Lisa Moore
Title: Director, Community Management
What makes the MJ2 Marketing team so unique is that we come from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. Our Director of Community Management, Lisa Moore, not only adds value to the MJ2 Marketing team but also to the communities she manages.
Lisa hails from a small, rural Northwest Ohio community where she grew up on a farm with her sister and two brothers. A 1992 Bowling Green State University graduate (Go Falcons!), Lisa now resides in Columbus with her husband of 20 years, Mike, and their two sons Sully (15) and Mac (9).
Lisa and her family are sports enthusiasts. Her evenings and weekends are spent watching her boys play their sport of the season: football, baseball or lacrosse. When they aren’t at the fields you can find the Moore’s spending time together traveling (preferably to a beach) or watching The Amazing Race and Survivor.
Lisa entered the corporate world as a mortgage loan processor at Homestead Mortgage Company, where she eventually managed an impressive annual loan volume of around $20 million. Lisa started at MJ2 Marketing in October 2010 with the Fire-Dex account. She now manages several MJ2 Marketing clients’ communities. Continue reading and get to know Lisa a little better!

What do you like best about working at MJ2?

Definitely the TEAM!  Our team is well balanced for skill and expertise.  I appreciate each person’s contribution in meeting our clients’ goals and expectations.

What do you do when you are not working?

I am on the fields watching my sons participate in baseball, football and lacrosse.  I really enjoy reading, but wish I had more time.  I certainly won’t be reading 30 books this year like Anna.
As a family, we also enjoy movies!  The last movie we saw was 42.  GREAT movie, I highly recommend.

Moore FamilyFrom left to right: Mac, Lisa, Mike and Sully.

What device can you not live without?

My iPhone 5.  In fact, my mother-in-law recently commented that it might actually be “sewn to my hand.”

What is your favorite app?

Oh, I like apps.  My favorite at the moment has to be the Pinterest app.  It’s so easy and I can find so many great links/articles for work and for home!  WIN!  I really like it on my iPad

What is your favorite brand?

Without question, Apple.

What is currently playing on your Ipod?

It ranges from the Beastie Boys to AC/DC to Kings of Leon to Bob Marley.  I really like the songs that I know the words to…although I don’t think my boys love that! 

Favorite Restaurant?

I have several:
Local – 1808 American Bistro in downtown Delaware, OH.
Greek – Olive Tree Café – the Chicken Schwarma is the bomb!
Date Night or Night with the Hipsters – The Top Steak House (best steak and martinis in the city) 

Favorite place to travel?

Charleston, South Carolina. I love the history, hospitality and charm of Charleston. One day I will retire there.
A close second would have to be Key Colony Beach in the Florida Keys.  Our entire family enjoys that area and plan to go back later this year.
Do you prefer Jeni’s or Graeter’s?
BOTH!  A dish with scoop of Jeni’s Dark Chocolate and Graeter’s Black Raspberry Chip would be just about the best EVER!
You will usually find Lisa Moore, Director of Community Management, actively updating her communities on Twitter and Facebook. LinkIn with Lisa to keep your community current with the most recent social media updates.