Changes to facebook newsfeed


Change To Facebook Newsfeed

new facebook newsfeed 3-2013Since the introduction of the News Feed to Facebook seven years ago, it has remained fairly unchanged. That is until yesterday. In an effort to make the Facebook experience “richer”, Mark Zuckerberg announced changes in an effort to maintain user attention and lure marketers, at the same time creating a seamless omni-channel experience.
Why the change?
The News Feed has long been a constant stream of clutter with a lack of order to the content. Facebook now has multiple News Feeds that can be separated by subject or sorted chronologically. Users now have the ability to choose the content they see on their newsfeed. Options include:

  • Photo Feed – Here is where users can view Facebook and Instagram photos.
  • Music Feed – This feed will feature what music you are listening to as well as concerts you are attending.
  • All Friends – A feed to show you what your friends are sharing
  • Following – Where you can find the most recent news from the Pages you like, as well as your friends.

How does this affect marketing? 
We won’t know the long-term affects of these changes until later on; however, we do know the heightened pressure to incorporate campaigns into the daily life of the consumer with compelling content. Since the user has more control over what they see, brands with dull updates will have low visibility.
MJ2 Marketing knows the value to integrating with the Facebook consumer. We understand the value in accumulating more than just fans. We see these changes as a welcome challenge. Are you ready to take on this challenge with us?