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5 Great WordPress Plugins for Online Marketing

WordPress Plug-inIf you manage a website, whether for business purposes or a personal blog, chances are good it is running on WordPress. One of the most popular content management systems on the web, WordPress.com estimates that its platform is used by over 61 million websites worldwide.
While powerful in its own right, WordPress can be made much more useful with a variety of plugins. The following are some of our favorites:
Social Media Icons Widget
Once your site has attracted visitors you will want to draw them to your social media presence with links in your sidebar. Featuring a number of options and further customization for developers, Social Media Icons Widget is one of the best ways to do so.
Viper Bar
Need to drive traffic to the most important section of your website? Viper Bar can help with a good-looking call to action that floats just above your content. From links to new products, to a subscription form for your newsletter, implementing Viper Bar guarantees you will get more clicks from within your web site.
SEO by Yoast
There are quite a few SEO plugins available for WordPress; however, Yoast’s is our favorite. Features include search snippet previews, XML site maps, integration with Google Analytics, and an easy to read action report for each page on your website. Simply put, if you want to be found on search engines, you need SEO by Yoast.
Background Manager
Out of the box, WordPress offers few options for designing your background other than a solid color or an image. With Background Manger you can impress your visitors with rotating backgrounds, spiffy texture overlays, and even links to your social media presence.
W3 Total Cache
Without a caching plugin your WordPress site is rebuilding itself for every single visitor, even though no information has changed. This increases loading times – and the likelihood that your visitors will become frustrated and exit your site. Caching your website greatly increases load times by prebuilding your website and freezing it until there is new content. W3 Total Cache features a number of options for websites of any size and is very easy to set up.