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3 Free Ways to Stop Spam That Aren't a CAPTCHA

Internet SPAMAre you battling spam on your WordPress blog? WordPress distributed a free solution, Akismet, but it that solution has since gone paid for business users. After extensive research, we have found the following three plugins that, together, should ensure most or all spam comments will never make it to your website.
Most spam is generated by automatic robots that simply submit a pre-written message to every unmoderated website they come across. In order to ensure their message is submitted without error they will typically fill every form present (Name, email, etc.…). NoSpamNX adds additional forms to your website that are loaded by robots, but invisible to humans. If WordPress detects one of these invisible forms filled, it will know that it had to be a robot that filled it out and block the message.
WordPress Hashcash
More sophisticated robots may be able to get around invisible forms. WordPress Hashcash blocks these robots by using client side JavaScript to verify that the commenter is human. Hashcash also has a number of configuration options including sending blocked messages to the moderation queue so that false positives can be corrected.
Spammer Blocker
The final type of spammer may be an actual person submitting spam messages. You will not be able to stop these from ever spamming your website, but you can prevent them from returning once caught. Spammer Blocker will ban caught spammers via their IP address, safeguarding against access to your site a second time.
The fight against spam is crucial to maintaining your user base and these plugins can help keep your website junk-free.